Want to Join our Award Winning Teams?
Get Observed during one of our Dance Intensives or by our Studio Director (just send us an email).

This allows our team directors to see a dancers commitment, attendance, ability, and how quickly they learn choreography. It will show how team members communicate, and who works well together. Not all students will be placed on a team, however those who want to dance in our STARZ program must commit to camp training or make similar arrangement with approval of STEPS Director.

all members must have assigned contract on file. Click the link above to print your contract.

STARZ Weekly Class Schedule

(STARZ Dancers must participate in a professional level audition or observed by our Studio and Team Director)

ALL STARZ DANCERS MUST be enrolled in 1  weekly Ballet and Turns & Leaps Class.

HIP HOP STARZ MUST be enrolled in 1 additional  Class of their Choice.

ALL STARZ Dancers are also awarded 1 Weekly Bonus Class of their Choice.