598 Bellevue Road Atwater & 158 E Broadway Ave Atwater

   598 Bellevue Road & 158 E. Broadway Avenue  
Atwater, Ca 95301
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2020 Fall SCHEDULE July 6-August 2

STEPS Uptown 

598 Bellevue Ave Atwater

STEPS Downtown (all Classes on ZOOM)

159 E Broadway Ave Atwater



5:30pm- Pointe w/Taylor (must be approved)

6:30pm- Ballet 1/2 w/LoLo

7:30pm-Beg/ Int.. Turns & Leaps (8+) w/LoLo


4:30pm- Jazz 1 (6+) w/Jessica
5:30pm- Tiny Dancers(2 1/2-4yrs)  w/Jessica 

6:30pm- Int./Adv Turns and Leaps (10+) w/ LoLo

8:00pm-Int/Adv Contemporary (12+) w/LoLo  




5:30pm-Junior STARZ Team Rehearsal

6:30pm-Hip Hop 1/2 w/Patrice

7:30pm Tap (all levels) w/LoLo 

7:30pm Basic Acro  (8+) (Downtown) NEW CLASS ALERT!!! w/Sara

                 Acro is not Gymnastics but rather uses flexibility, contortion and tumble  in artistic movement

                    Dancer must present ability to perform splits and basic strength needed.



4:30pm- Jazz Funk (5-7yrs) w/Sara (new Class)

5:30pm- Ballet/Tap (5-7yrs)  w/Jessica

6:30pm-Ballet 3/4 w/Taylor


Studio Closed for private lessons


 Teen STARZ Team Rehearsal

 Hip Hop STARZ Team Rehearsal

*Tiny Dancers=ages 2 1/2 through 4yrs of age*

*(SN) Special Needs

*Private Lessons available on first come first serve basis and must be scheduled with preferred teacher. 

Regular Session Pricing

Fall session begin August 5  and continues through December.

Winter/Spring Session begins Jan 3 and continues through June

(see Registration Form for additional Pricing)

What Do I Need? (Dress Code)

Ballet Combo and Tiny Dancers

Shoes - Leather Ballet Shoes any color and Patent Leather Tap Shoes (available in our WebStore) Ballet slippers found in department stores without a leather bottom are unacceptable at ALL dance studio's. These shoes are dangerous for movement in a dance studio floor., they are intended to be house slippers.

Attire -Any ballet Leotard, Skirt, short or tight fitting top.Most outfits found in department store "little dancers" department are acceptable. We only ask to dress child in a way to not be distracting for them or their classmates.


Shoes- Leather Jazz Shoe, Jazz boot, or lyrical shoe of any color . Dancing in socks alone is not allowed.

Attire- Form fitting clothes only. No baggy t-shirts or pants. Teacher must be able to see your body lines. Jazz pants, sport bra, booty shorts, tank top or acceptable t-shirt. Only Male dancers may wear basketball shorts.

Ballet Levels (not combination with Tap)

Shoes- Leather split sole ballet shoe, point shoes for Point and Pre-Point only. Must get teacher recommendation.

Attire- Leotard of any color or design,ballet dance skirts  are ok

Shorts, leggings and Tank tops are NOT acceptable. Dancer will be asked to sit out and take notes if not dressed properly.


Shoes- Must wear Street Shoes or Jazz Sneakers , no sandles or backless shoes.

Attire-Loose fitting clothes. No Skirts. No Jeans.


Any attire that does not restrict movement is acceptable (including jeans)

Tap shoes MUST be worn. Advanced level tappers my not wear beginner patent leather tap shoes. A heavier shoe is required.

NO Clothing may display offensive or gang related images or wording. This applies to observers as well. Those who do not follow dress code may be asked to leave. No Credit will be given for students who must sit out class due to dress code violations.

What makes us different?

Our structured toddler program teaches students social skills along with their basic dance training. This will help them adjust in other environments.


Toddlers learn:

  • to follow directions
  • to listen carefully
  • to make friends and cooperate
  • to take turns
  • that good behavior = positive results.



We take time to know our students

STEPS understands that not every student learns the same way or at the same speed. Everyone has their own personality and work ethics. This is why STEPS offers private lessons to cater to students and their personal goals and needs. With many credible choreographers, we are able to schedule around your needs Monday through Sunday.

Professional Opportunity

We have the ability to give our students professional level experiences and book professional level jobs.