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Wearing Point Shoes before you are ready can cause PERMANENT Damage to your body!  Most Dancers under 12 years of age do not have feet that have finished growing. This can cause deformity if you add the pressure of point shoes. If you do not have the proper training to align your body correctly, or  the foot/ankle flexibility  and strength, to get up properly over the box you may have a career ending injury. This injury may prevent you from Dancing, playing sports, or participating in regular physical activity FOREVER. Do NOT let your teacher or student talk you into point shoes too early. It may be fun or pretty, but you have to learn to crawl before you can RelevĂ©

STEPS is a member of the Dance Teachers Co-Operative. This is an ongoing concern at monthly meetings. STEPS  and the Dance Teacher Co-Operatives' concern is for a Dancers safety first.

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Does your studio...

1) Teach correct terms?

2) Teach your dancer how to safely execute dance steps to focus on accident prevention?

3) Have accident insurance?


....You should know before choosing a studio.